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HydroStraw ALL-IN-ONE Mulch Bonded Fiber Matrix (BFM) Formula

A topsoil alternative for low nutrient & disturbed sites

  This mulch is addresses the biological, chemical and physical requirements for stabilizing and restoring vegetation on disturbed soil sites, as well as controlling erosion during vegetation establishment. The porous matrix of the wheat straw encourages water infiltration, enabling the new seedlings to easily pass through the matrix. The combination of the wheat straw fibers together with our cross linked high strength polymer binders provides effective erosion prevention and increased vegetation establishment. It contains:

  • Micronized natural fertilizer.
  • Biological inoculant food system.
  • Soil building attributes to rejuvenate the soil.
  • Biotic soil matrix designed for low organic/nutrient sites.

GAH Vegetator Seed Mix A

The seed mix that won't let you down

Green Acres swears by this seed mix for successful vegetation establishment composed of:
  CHILI VERDE FORAGE BERMUDA is a tall forage Bermuda grass with wide, soft leaves. Aggressive spreading from plant runners (stolons) and horizontal creeping rootstalks (rhizomes) Adapts to a wide range of soil types and soil pH levels (4.5-8.0) RYEGRASS is used for successful mining rehabilitation projects and commercial sites for soil stabilization in short term situations. Quick cover of erodable sites Adaptable to a wide range of climates and soil types DYNASTY SEEDED PASPALUM is a specialty grass that's saltwater and warm-season tolerant suited for mining rehabilitation projects, new seed establishment and commercial sites. Tighter, faster, stronger coverage compared to other Paspalum species Better disease resistance

All in One

For Sediment & Erosion Control

An original, patented, and proven compost filter sock used in check dams, perimeter control, inlet protection, filter rings and more. It's a three dimensional tubular mesh device made of Filtrexx® Mesh™ designed to support stormwater management, sediment & erosion control and pollutant removal Best Management Practices (BMPs).

It can:
Slow down and interrupt stormwater runoff in check dams Reduce slope length and stormwater runoff velocity as a slope interruption device Filter stormwater runoff and protect drain inlets Delimit areas and install barriers to retain sediments for successful perimeter control Redirect stormwater runoff from areas at risk towards designated secured areas Build temporary dry pond detention systems by acting as a sediment trap

LockDown™ Netting

For Erosion Control

LockDown™ Netting is a single net rolled erosion control net (RECP) that is designed to aid the slope stabilization and erosion control in conjunction with other erosion control techniques such as Hydroseeding.

LockDown™ Netting is typically stapled to the slope prior to application of other practices; however, where high wind velocity conditions are anticipated LockDown netting can be installed on top of these practices. LockDown Netting is available in two different materials: HDPE & Polypropylene. LockDown Netting is recommended for slopes between 3:1 & 2:1 and is required for slopes greater than 2:1

LockDown Netting is categorized as an erosion control net (ECN) and is used to increase soil surface roughness and stability of disturbed soils on hill slopes. The primary purpose of LockDown Netting is to provide a structural surface to increase the stability for seeding at the soil interface, particularly on steep grades. LockDown Netting is not sufficient to be used alone as a form of slope stabilization or erosion control.